Sirocco Product Suite

The Sirocco Product Suite currently offers advanced, accurate short-term forecasts, empowering clients to make confident decisions in the energy market.

Wind and Solar farms

For Wind and Solar assets...

...a specific location forecast.

Our product range is designed to deliver tailored predictions for each geographic location, ensuring precise, actionable insights for optimal energy management and sustainability.

Site specific products

For Countries and Porfolios... aggregate forecast.

Our product lineup is meticulously designed to provide forecasts for a diverse array of assets. This spans from detailed predictions on the power output of entire countries to custom-tailored forecasts for private portfolios of solar and wind energy farms.

Aggregates products

For Wind and Solar assets

A comprehensive analysis of the data from the specific wind or solar farm is conducted by one of our experts and is combined with our advanced algorithms to deliver the most accurate short-term forecast for a site-specific location.


Power Production Forecasts

Our advanced predictive models deliver site specific forecasts that can help you optimize the operation and profitably of your wind or solar farm. Specially designed for asset managers, farm operators, and energy traders. By integrating historical data and NWP models with machine learning techniques, we provide the most accurate forecasts for the intraday and day ahead markets.


Weather Variables Forecasts

Tailored for operators and energy market participants, our forecasts use high resolution satellite imagery for more precise data. Our solutions account for local weather conditions, seasonal variations, and geographical factors to provide actionable insights that drive operational market success in the intraday and day ahead markets.

Training and Support

Retrospective Forecasts (Backtests)

Backtesting evaluates the precision of our wind and solar energy production forecasts by comparing them to actual historic data. This process helps is refine our models, ensuring they meet the highest standards of accuracy an dependability.

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For Countries and Porfolios

If you're looking to gain insights into forecasts at a national aggregate level, this product is designed for you. We are constantly expanding our coverage to include new countries and regions. Our forecasts are frequently updated, utilizing leading Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models and satellite image processing.


National Power Production Forecasts

The "National Power Production Forecast" delivers precise solar and wind energy production predictions for countries or regions. Ideal for grid operators, market professionals, and energy traders, it offers an updated, panoramic overview of energy production from a collective of solar and wind farms. Utilizing high-resolution meteorological models and satellite imagery, our service provides accurate forecasts, essential for efficient energy management and strategic planning.

This streamlined tool is designed to support informed decision-making in the renewable energy market, making it an invaluable asset for forecasting national-scale energy outputs.

Start enjoying our national forecasts today. We already have a range of countries available, allowing us to provide you with the forecast you've been waiting for.


Tailor-made Power Production Forecasts

Our "Tailor-Made Power Production Forecast" is crafted for clients managing a portfolio of solar and wind parks. We conduct a detailed analysis of your portfolio to provide a customized, aggregated forecast of energy generation. Understanding that each client has unique needs, our service is highly adaptable, catering to everything from fluctuating portfolios (inclusions and exclusions) to continuous recalibrations.

This bespoke product is designed to fit your specific requirements, ensuring that your energy management strategy is as precise and effective as possible. Whether adjusting for portfolio variability or updating forecasts to reflect the latest data, our tailor-made approach guarantees relevant, actionable insights for optimal energy production planning.

Let us adapt to you, offering a fully customized forecasting solution that drives your renewable energy objectives forward.

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